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Below are files that track the individual Dunbar lineages of our members.  
Download to view their pedigrees.
(Dunbar Project #'s in RED (D-000) will match both Results & Pedigree page)


This lineage group includes men identified as genetically matching the Dunbar Clan Chief who descends from Gospatric.


This lineage group includes men identified as R-M222 and related through the common ancestor of Niall of the Nine Hostages in Ireland.  

LINEAGE 3 - 13

Unassigned or Descend from Female Dunbars  

These individual lineage groups are men who are identfied by their Y-DNA results as closely related, but are not descended from Gospatric.



Dunbar is a strong and ancient surname of Scotland.  Gospatric was described briefly on our home page understand that various branches of the family extended well beyond East Lothian to take up positions of power and honour across Scotland.


It is a common misconception that every person who bears a clan's name is a lineal descendant of the chiefs of that particular clan.  There are several reasons for this. In many cases, the families that originally lived on the lands acquired by powerful clans would adopt the names of their new Lords.  The leadership of large clans or branches increased their power by increasing the number of their followers by both pleasant and unpleasant methods. Click to view other possible reasons.


Below is a request for needed Y-DNA. (Remember, all Must be a direct male line Dunbar descendants with no female ancestors in the direct line, and possessing thd last name Dunbar.  If you know living descendants of any of these men, please let them know about the Project and ask for their participation.   This list will be updated as more participants join and contribute to the Patriarchs page in search of ancestors.

  • Any male with the Dunbar surname.

  • Any proven direct descendant of Gospatric.

  • Any proven direct descendant of Baldoon & Machramore Dunbars. 

  • Any Dunbar with point of origination in Scotland, Ireland, or England.

  • Any Dunbar still residing in Scotland, Ireland, England.

  • William Dunbar of “The Forest”, Natchez, MS1750, Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland.

  • Robert Dunbar of “Oakley Grove”, Natchez, MS emigrated from Scotland with mother, father, brother 1770.  First settled        in North Carolina.

  • John Dunbar of CT 1694, Son Edward b. 1722.

  • Duncan Dunbar 1804-1862, the shipping magnate.

  • Robert Bruce Dunbar 1914-2005

  • Michael Dunbar, b. c1800 Ireland & Honora.  Sons Edward William b. c1837, Michael b. c1847 Ireland, Patrick

·             b. c1851, or John b. c1853.

  • James Dunbar, c1630, Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland.  Sons William 1647, Robert 1648, or John 1654.

  • Rev. George Dunbar, early 1600’s, minister in Ayr, Scot. & Northern IRE. 

  • Gavin Dunbar of Dumfries, Scotland, merchant, brother of David Dunbar of Baldoon. 

  • Samuel Dunbar c1735 IRE? m. Anne Moore 

  • Matthew Dunbar b. 1764 Scotland?, m. Mary Ellen Herbert, d. c1799 Ronceuerte, WV

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