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DNA 101 

Have you hit a brick wall?  Can’t find any documentation for that elusive ancestor? Can’t find your ancestors homeland?  Are you related to another Dunbar family?  Genetic Genealogy is the new way to begin or add to your research.  Questioned sources and possible assumptions in your lineage can be a tremendous waste of time and money.  DNA testing is able to identify wrong lines thus saving you precious hours or even years of research.   

How Does It Work?      
What makes a male a male is the Y-Chromosome.  We compare the DNA on this Y-chromosome with other Dunbars.  This Y-DNA is passed down from father to son, generation after generation.   

How Can It Help Me? 
Theoretically, two Dunbar's with a common ancestor should have the same or nearly the same Y-DNA.   As the results of many of the major “known” Dunbar lineages come back, we will be able to place those Dunbar’s of “unknown ancestry” into those specific lines. 

Who Can Test?   
To participate you must be a male who was born with the surname Dunbar or believe that your direct male ancestry leads to a Dunbar (name change, adoption etc.) with no female ancestors in direct line (father, grandfather, g-grandfather, etc.) If you are a non-Dunbar male or female researcher you’ll need to find a male cousin, uncle, nephew, etc. who carries the Dunbar surname and you can participate through that person. 


How is the test performed? 
A few days after ordering the test kit, you will receive a small package in the mail.   It contains three small vials with preservation fluid, three “mini toothbrushes”, and easy to follow instructions.  You scrape the inside of the cheek with each brush, place them into the vials, and drop the package in the mail.  It’s that simple.  No pain.  No blood. 


Can The Test Be Used For Any Non-Genealogical Purposes? 
No.  This DNA test will not uncover health problems nor can it be used for any identity profiling such as paternity, alimony, or anything legal.   

Can I Pay For Another Person's Test?
Yes, 3rd party billing is available. 


How Long Will It Take The Results To Be Processed?  
From the time you return the test kit, it will take approximately 6-8 weeks.

What Do The Results Look Like?  
The results are a series of numbers that indicate the quantity of repeating segments of DNA at a specific location (marker). When comparing results – the more numbers that match – the better the chance of having a common ancestor.  The more markers tested, the more precise we can be in finding that common ancestor. 

The sample below illustrates the results of five participants – one 25 and four 37 marker tests.  The shaded cells indicate where there is a variation between the participant and others.  D-4 & D-5 have an exact 37 of 37 marker match.  D-16 is a 35/37 Match and D-2 also matches 24/25.  While D-1 is a 33/37 match.  All indicate a shared common ancestor. 


   The chart below is for illustrative purposes only.

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