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How to Order Tests Information


Ordering a test from FTDNA is easy!                                                                       

  • You can order directly through the Surname Project of interest to you by either

    • clicking the "Order" link in the black bar across the top of each page of the Surname Project's website, OR

    • going to and typing the surname in the search box to find the project. 

  • Ordering through the project gives you a lower price for the yDNA test and automatically makes you a member of the project. 

  • All the lab needs is some of your body’s cells to analyze your DNA.

  • It is easy to get these by scraping the inside of your cheek with a special swab.

  • Many Surname projects welcome mtDNA and Family Finder test takers - not so much for their results, which don’t correlate to the surname, as for the opportunity to include you in the family research. 

  • If you're not sure whether there is a project for your surname, go to to to search for your project. 

  • Ordering for yourself

    • Put your name as the person being tested. This is also the name that will be on the Certificate.

    • Be sure to include your email address

    • Choose to either pay now, or have an invoice sent.

  • Ordering for another person

    • To send the kit directly to the person being tested, list their address.

    • To have the kit sent to you, list their name and then put c/o (your name) in the first address box and your regular mailing address, beginning with the second address box.

    • Put your email address in the first position, as this is how you will know what is happening. (Be sure the person you sponsor includes your email address if they place the order)

    • You can list the person you sponsor's email address as the additional address

    • If you have someone who is terribly concerned about their privacy, you can list your own name in the order or you can list the name of their earliest ancestor. (When the kit isn’t in the tester's name or address, they aren’t associated with the sample other than through your knowledge.)

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